Entry points for empowerment.


This report was produced during a five-week visit to Bangladesh during May and June 2004. The visit was organized by CARE’s Rural Livelihoods Programme (RLP). The report aims to provide an analytical toolbox that will help development practitioners to empower people to claim and exercise their rights and fulfill their responsibilities. It includes conceptual models, evaluation indicators, and suggestions relating to strategy. Of central importance to the report is the idea of an entry-points: development activities that can be used to initiate or accelerate the empowerment process at the community level. Particular attention has been given to the Farmer Field School, a group-based approach that has been employed by a number of CARE projects.


Bartlett, A. Entry points for empowerment. CARE Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2004) iv + 69 pp.

Entry points for empowerment.

Published 1 January 2004