Enhancing African meteorological services with MDD


Four Meteorological Data Distribution (MDD) systems were installed in African meteorological services in late 1992. The PC-based systems are inexpensive and are intended to he sustainable technology. The MDDs were well received and in each country the MDD immediately enhanced the local information base, improving the quantity of station data available as well as providing processed products. The MDDs have enabled the recipient meteorological departments to improve the services they offer to government, to aviation and to the public. The Natural Resources Institute (NRI) is now working with local users to develop further applications. The future of MDD in Africa is not yet clear. MDD may be integrated into multi-tasking workstations but such technology may not yet be appropriate for small meteorological services.


Sear, C. B.; Griggs, D. J.; Wooster, M.; Williams, J.B.; Budgen, P.; Trigg, S.N. Enhancing African meteorological services with MDD. Meteorological Applications (2007) 1 (2) 99-101. [DOI: 10.1002/met.5060010201]

Enhancing African meteorological services with MDD

Published 1 January 1994