Enhanced Access to Environmental Science Information Scoping Workshop


The Environment Research Funders' Forum (ERFF) hosted a workshop on 14 January 2010 at The British Library to explore emerging issues around the collection, storage and accessibility of environmental science information. Participants - drawn from ERFF's member organisations, from The British Library and from other potential stakeholder groups such as the local government and business communities - discussed whether the current information infrastructure is working well enough to meet funder and user needs for information in today’s complex digital environment or whether it needs to be updated to enhance access.

The workshop was structured around 5 main discussion sessions:
-Why we need this conversation
-What enhanced access to environmental science information looks like from the perspective of users, researchers/institutions, funders and information brokers
-What exists already that can be built on and what gaps need to be plugged
-Confirmation – or not – of the business case
-What needs to be done to get started.

This report documents the main findings and outcomes from the workshop.


17 pp.

Enhanced Access to Environmental Science Information Scoping Workshop

Published 1 January 2010