Engendering Eden: Women, Gender and 'Integrated Conservation and Development Projects'.


Since the mid-1980s there has been an increasing emphasis on linking conservation and development through 'integrated conservation and development projects' (ICDPs). More recently it has been realised by NGOs and donor agencies that to achieve this, social issues such as gender equity and the marginalisation of women need to be addressed. However, there has been a lack of experience and knowledge in dealing with such issues, particularly within conservation organisations.

The Engendering Eden research programme aimed to provide an assessment of the role of gender in enhancing the social and environmental sustainability of ICDPs and to develop a more empirical understanding of how gender shapes the ways that local people participate in and benefit from them. It has focussed on the sharing of information and experiences between projects and people, particularly the women living in the communities where ICDPs have been implemented. This report outlines the methods, main findings and conclusions of the study.


13 pp.

Engendering Eden: Women, Gender and ‘Integrated Conservation and Development Projects’.

Published 1 January 2002