Energy and Street Foods. Final Project Report.


This report presents the findings of a project which was active in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka the research and pilot interventions were conducted in Colombo. In Bangladesh, the initial survey and in-depth survey work was conducted in Dhaka and Bogra, and the pilot interventions took place in Bogra and in four other centres of population in northern Bangladesh. An extensive literature review (Section 2 of this report) reveals that no study has previously investigated the energy needs of the street food sector.

The project purpose was to improve the livelihoods of street food vendors and the health of consumers by identifying and improving energy efficient technologies and fuels. The research was aimed at understanding the links between energy and income generation for one significant sector of the urban informal economy.


Tedd, L.; Liyanarachchi, S.; Saha, S.R. Energy and Street Foods. Final Project Report. Intermediate Technology Development Group, Warwickshire, UK (2003) 105 pp.

Energy and Street Foods. Final Project Report.

Published 1 January 2003