Empowerment Baseline Survey 2011 (CLP2.2)


This baseline survey is part of a two-fold methodology, consisting of a panel survey, and longitudinal case studies, in which the overall objective is to enable CLP-2 to gain insight into the programme’s impact on levels of empowerment. The survey was conducted in October 2010; among a sample of 400 CLP2.2 first tier CPHHs1. The respondents consisted of the core participants of the programme, as well as their husbands and daughters. Empowerment describes the process of “enhancing a disadvantaged individual’s or group’s capacity to make choices and transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes.”


McIvor, N. Empowerment Baseline Survey 2011 (CLP2.2). (2011) 30 pp.

Empowerment Baseline Survey 2011 (CLP2.2)

Published 1 January 2011