Emerging Patterns of Manufacturing Structural Change


In the past, research on changes in relative importance among broad three sectors—agriculture, industry, and service—showed general patterns of a country’s structural transformation along with economic development. However, there has been devoid of empirical studies investigating in the structural change within the manufacturing sector, which often plays a role of the engine in economic growth. Our analysis looks into the evolution of production structures prevailing at certain development stages while controlling for country-given characteristics such as size, resource endowments, and others. This can provide an industrial policy framework for structural change facilitation that can lead to sustained economic development in the long-run.


Haraguchi, N.; Rezonja, G. Emerging Patterns of Manufacturing Structural Change. UNU-WIDER, Helsinki, Finland (2011) 28 pp. ISBN 978-92-9230-410-2 [WIDER Working Paper No. 2011/43]

Emerging Patterns of Manufacturing Structural Change

Published 1 January 2011