Embedding of research into decision-making processes


This study is concerned with the uptake of research evidence in policy decisions for health and the factors which are conducive for this. Specifically, this study seeks to:

(a) Present a conceptual understanding of institutional embeddedness and apply it to the context of research in policy-making in health. Further, through a review of the literature, document the institutional arrangements that facilitate the embedding of research use in the policy-making domain.
(b) Present country case studies to illustrate the embeddedness of research use in policy-making and the contextual and institutional factors that create enabling conditions for it.

We examine these questions from the perspective of the six WHO building blocks – service delivery, health workforce, information, medical products, financing and governance. Information is sourced from the existing literature and from country case studies.


Koon, A.D.; Devaki Nambiar; Rao, K.D. Embedding of research into decision-making processes. Alliance HPSR, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland (2012) 27 pp.

Embedding of research into decision-making processes

Published 1 January 2012