Elusive Peace: seeking a 'New Normal' in Post-Conflict Ahmedabad and Mumbai.


Hindu-Muslim violence occurred in the Indian cities of Mumbai in 1993 and Ahmedabad in 2002. Hindu violence against Muslims has roots in the partition of India and Pakistan but also, more recently, in the emergence of a Hindu nationalist agenda. This study aimed to develop a better understanding of the role of religion in violence, focusing on the roles of the state and Muslim religious organisations in post-conflict resolution, assisting those affected, and rebuilding social relations. The author also makes some suggestions for preventing future religious conflicts and ensuring long-term improvements to the lives of minority religious groups.


Working Paper No. 44, Religions and Development Research Programme, University of Birmingham, UK, 137 pp.

Elusive Peace: seeking a ‘New Normal’ in Post-Conflict Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

Published 1 January 2010