ELLA Policy Brief: Implementing CCTs: Lessons from Latin America

ELLA is the Evidence and Lessons from Latin America programme


CCT programmes have had proven success in improving education and health outcomes, but that success depends on the quality and adequacy of implementation. Effective implementation must take into account each country’s context and the opportunities - and limits - of its own institutional capacity. It must consider technical, operational and socio-political factors, as all of these can influence the programme’s effectiveness. This Brief presents 4 main steps in implementing a successful CCT programme, and in each, draws on the Latin American experience to highlight key issues policymakers should consider when creating an implementation strategy in other contexts.

Key Lessons:

  • The Latin American experience shows a core set of considerations countries should keep in mind as they decide how best to adapt implementation strategies to reflect their local context.
  • Within each of the four key implementation steps identified, different considerations become important, from available technology and financial systems, to quality of services and the structure of the conditionality. Capacity and availability of quality information are important to consider across all of the four steps.


Jaramillo, M. ELLA Policy Brief: Implementing CCTs: Lessons from Latin America. ELLA, Practical Action Consulting, Lima, Peru (2011) 5 pp.

Published 1 January 2011