Elements of a regional climate change adapation strategy based on the risk-sharing approach - West Africa.


This document lays the foundations of a regional climate change adaptation strategy based on the risk-sharing approach. In this document, the risk-sharing approach is understood to mean the sharing of the burden of the development and implementation of response measures that help avoid or attenuate the impacts of climate change. Therefore it consists of collaborating, in particular at the international level—contiguous countries, riparian countries of a river basin, countries belonging to regional integration entities—in the implementation of climate change adaptation measures.

Part one of the proposed strategy describes the West African regional context, stressing the factors that justify regional collaboration in efforts to reduce vulnerability to the climate (interdependence in terms of water, level of vulnerability to climate change). Part two reviews the TOR of the present study and explains the methodology used. Part three presents a brief analysis of the types of responses West Africa has made to recent climate changes characterised by strong variability. Part four examines West Africa's level of preparation for the prospects of climate change, including measures envisaged at the national and regional levels. Part five formulates the principal elements justifying a cost-sharing approach to adaptation to climate change. Then, it examines the principal constraints involved in such an approach and proposes a goal and strategic objectives to form the pillars of the recommended strategy. Part six describes the specific actions and activities to be carried out for each strategic objective. Part seven briefly describes financial instruments that could help finance the proposed interventions. Appended are a Logframe summarizing part six of the report as well as a brief review of the relevance of the actions recommended in specific NAPAs from a transboundary, regional perspective.


69 pp.

Elements of a regional climate change adapation strategy based on the risk-sharing approach - West Africa.

Published 1 January 2007