Education for the urban poor in Bangladesh


The urban poor, especially those who live in slums, are among the groups worst served by the education system in Bangladesh. They lack wealth, power and social connections are probably under-counted in national surveys and are often ignored in policy and programmes. Poverty is still seen as a rural issue by both government and non-government organisations. This policy brief concentrates on primary education for children aged 6-15, examines what education is on offer for the urban poor in Bangladesh, and asks what can be done to improve it. It is based on: Cameron, S. (2010) ‘Access to and Exclusion from Primary Education in Slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh’, CREATE Pathways to Access Monograph No. 45 and other research conducted as part of the CREATE research programme.


Cameron, S. Education for the urban poor in Bangladesh. (2010) CREATE Bangladesh Policy Brief 1, 4 pp.

Education for the urban poor in Bangladesh

Published 1 January 2010