Economic Protection Program: Pre-Analysis Plan


This plan outlines the hypotheses to be tested and specifications to be used in the analysis of the take-up of and impact of macroeconomic shock insurance on microentrepreneurs in Egypt.

The plan is outlined as follows: Section 2 describes the intervention; Section 3 reviews the motivation for the study, sample selection, and data sources; Section 4 details the sample population’s characteristics; Section 5 outlines hypotheses for loan take-up and insurance take-up; Section 6 outlines hypotheses for short term and state dependent outcomes; Section 7 outlines other pre-analysis specifications; Appendix I provides additional details on the balance of the evaluation sample at baseline; Appendix II articulates the feasibility of future scale-up.

The questionnaire (in Excel format) used in the initial market research survey is also attached.


Groh, M.; McKenzie, D.; Vishwanath, T. Economic Protection Program: Pre-Analysis Plan. (2012) 17 pp.

Published 1 January 2012