Economic Growth through Effective Road Asset Management

This project aim to achieve benefits for rural communities as a result of improved performance in road asset management


The Africa Community Access Programme (AFCAP) is funding a research and capacity building project on asset management for rural roads. The purpose of the project is to achieve economic and social benefits for local communities in rural areas as a result of improved performance in road asset management. The project will provide technical assistance to achieve improvements in asset management performance on a selected network of rural roads within each participating country. The performance will be measured against a new framework for rural road asset management that is being developed as part of the study. Measurements will also be taken of the road network condition and the impact of the road condition on the rural economy. They will be used as part of an influencing strategy to achieve improvements to the management of rural roads and build a maintenance culture. The purpose of the paper is to inform stakeholders in the region of this strategically important research project. Feedback will be obtained from stakeholders on the innovative approaches that will be adopted. This will strengthen the project methodology, ensuring that it achieves meaningful and sustainable change.

There is a presentation, held at the New African Road Maintenance Funds Association (ARMFA) General Assembly in November 2016, which covers the AfCAP regional project on rural road asset management. It outlines the project’s purpose, vision, objectives, approach and methodology. It also addresses the potential role ARMFA could play in the project.

These reports are part of Applied Research on Rural Roads and Transport Services through Community Access Programmes in Africa and Asia (AFCAP2 and AsCAP)


Geddes, R.; Gongera, K. Economic Growth through Effective Road Asset Management. (2016) 22 pp. [Int. Conf. on Transport and Road Research, Mombasa, Kenya, 16-18 March 2016]

Economic Growth through Effective Road Asset Management

Economic Growth through Effective Road Asset Management - ARMFA presentation

Published 1 January 2016