E-forum Theme 1. Disability Poverty and the Millennium Development Goals


Over the seven weeks from October 10 - November 28 2004 the e-forum discussed issues, relating to the theme Disability, Poverty and the Millennium Development Goals, in support of the first roundtable held in Malawi, Africa. The moderator was AK Dube, Saimata Associates, South Africa.

The discussions were lively and over 60 people joined the group.

The discussion topics included:

  • The links between poverty and disability
  • Disability as a rights issue or a poverty issue
  • The differences between peoples experiences, e.g. because of gender, environment (urban and rural)
  • Research topics for disability
  • What the Millennium Development Goals really meant to people

Two summaries of the discussions were produced by the moderator AK Dube.

The e-forum website, which contains details of all the discussions can be accessed at the following address: www.dgroups.org/groups/disabilityKaR.


9 + 11 pp.

Published 1 January 2004