DRUSSA Digital Engagement Strategy

DRUSSA is the Development Research Uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa programme


The goal of the Digital Engagement Strategy is to enrich the overall programme purpose by providing the means to engage with all the segments of the DRUSSA audience, principally located in Sub-Saharan Africa, but also internationally. While the DRUSSA digital presence on web, mobile and social media will be an interactive information resource for its audience, it shall also serve as an exemplar of the ways in which Research Uptake Management can be done digitally – by contextualising, synthesising, repackaging, publishing and publicising research on a variety of platforms – with the aim of contributing to an improvement in the living conditions of children, women and men living in poverty.

Curated publishing and interactive discussions enabled by DRUSSA’s suite of digital resources shall create the possibilities of capacity growth among the programme’s primary audience (the Group of 24 Universities) and knowledge enrichment among its secondary audiences, through learning about Research Uptake and by becoming proficient in Research Uptake Management within a digitally networked environment.

The intention is that, in turn, this accumulative capacity gain put into action will improve the accessibility, uptake and utilisation of locally relevant development research evidence for key stakeholders and organisations (local, national, regional and international).

See also the overview of the digital engagement strategy


DRUSSA. DRUSSA Digital Engagement Strategy. (2012) 15 pp.

DRUSSA Digital Engagement Strategy

Published 1 January 2012