Drivers of Economic Reform in Vietnam's Provinces.


Article accepted for publication in Development Policy Review (June 2014). Allowing provinces to find their own way forward was central to Vietnam’s progress in institutional and economic development. This paper examines who drives the economic reform process in the provinces, exploring the role of business, government and the Party. The research shows that in those provinces which are making most progress in economic reform, the private sector played an important role; not against government, but with government. There was no formal public–private coalition but the dynamic was one of proactive government seeking the input from the private sector, and the latter lobbying for and contributing to responsive and effective government. Both national and foreign enterprises played a role but small enterprises tended to be marginalised from the process. Some of the best insights come from comparing provinces and observing how different alignments of interest influenced the reform process.


Schmitz, H.; Tuan Dau; Hang Pham; McCulloch, N. Drivers of Economic Reform in Vietnam’s Provinces. (2014) :

Drivers of Economic Reform in Vietnam’s Provinces.

Published 1 January 2014