Ditchley Conference 2009 Report - 'Strengthening Partnership for Humanitarian Response'


On 13 October 2009 International Rescue Committee UK and the Ditchley Foundation invited representatives from international and national NGOs, the UN, donor governments, think tanks and independent experts to Ditchley Park in Oxfordshire for a conference entitled Humanitarian Reform: Strengthening Partnership for Effective Humanitarian Response. The DFID-funded Humanitarian Reform Project supported the conference, and used the Ditchley conference to launch its recently completed Synthesis Report: Review of the engagement of NGOs with the humanitarian reform process. The report outlines the current ‘state of play’ of NGO participation in humanitarian reform on the ground and makes recommendations for improving the implementation of humanitarian reform in relation to leadership, financing, accountability and coordination. Its findings are based on information gathered from five mapping studies the Project commissioned in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

This meeting report includes summaries of speeches, presentations and discussions from the event.


12 pp.

Ditchley Conference 2009 Report - ‘Strengthening Partnership for Humanitarian Response’

Published 1 January 2009