DF90. Training course on the design and construction of low volume rural roads.


The objective of the project is the effective transfer of appropriate knowledge on the selection, design, construction and management of Low Volume Rural Roads (LVRRs) to provincial and district engineers operating under the Cambodian National Decentralisation and De-concentration (NCDD) programme. The NCDD is investing in rural access and rural roads and is consequently interested acquiring knowledge relevant to improving the performance of these investments. Training Module 1 was conducted from 4th to 7th May 2009: LVRR paving and surfacing training. This is a 4 day course based on the materials developed for DF 55 in Vietnam, but amended and upgraded to suit Cambodian rural infrastructure needs and environments. Documents attached are course details and summary, and presentations for the course. The presentations are:

  • 1: LVRR Principles
  • 2: Surfacing and Paving Options
  • 3: Pavement Option Selection and Design
  • 4: LVRR Pavement Construction
  • 5: Environmentally Optimized Design
  • 6: Desk Exercise.


Published 1 January 2009