Development of a Road Research Strategy for Mozambique. Final Report


This report is the culmination of the preliminary report and workshop for the project to develop a Road Research Strategy for Mozambique. A kick-off meeting was held in November 2012 with the main stakeholders in ANE and with Crown Agents, after which an inception report was completed and approved. The inception report identified the main stakeholders to be interviewed for involvement in the Research Strategy Project and established the activities to be undertaken by the consultant for the remainder of the Project. Following a subsequent visit by the consultants to interview the main stakeholders during December 2012, a preliminary report was produced which provided the main points for consideration at a workshop held in Maputo on 8th February 2013.

The workshop was scheduled for one day and all of the main stakeholders were invited by ANE. The findings of the preliminary report were presented and the consultants facilitated discussions and dialogue on the contents and recommendations therein. The main outcomes of the workshop were to agree an institutional structure for the proposed Research Centre and to discuss and agree the Road Research Strategy for Mozambique.

In addition, discussions were held at the workshop on the possibility and required resources for a ‘next phase’ of the project, which is proposed to support the further establishment of a road research centre in Mozambique.


TRL. Development of a Road Research Strategy for Mozambique. Final Report. (2013) 30 pp. [Available in English and Portugese]

Published 1 January 2013