Developing the Communications Plan


The aim of the DFID/FMSP Project No. R.8467 entitled 'Incorporating Common Pool Resources (CPR) Issues into Fisheries Management Policy' is to synthesize information on fisheries within the context of CPR issues, including access rights and livelihood importance for poor fishers, drawing upon existing FMSP materials, in particular, and to communicate the findings to fisheries and other stakeholders, especially policy-makers. The main source of information will be DFID/FMSP project clusters 2 and 7.
The project is scheduled to operate from April to October 2005, and the principal output will be a set of four 'Policy Briefs' which will be developed using a synthesis of FMSP projects in Clusters 2 and 7 as a starting point.
A preliminary (draft) Communication Strategy (CS) was developed for the project at the project proposal stage (March 2005) and this is shown in Appendix 1 below. During the initial months of the projects, this preliminary CS has been reviewed and further developed.
The objective of the current report is to consider the steps which have been taken to develop the preliminary (draft) CS and to present a finalised version of the CS which incorporates the advice and recommendations received from various sources at each step.
There were three steps taken to review and develop the preliminary (draft) CS as follows:
- first, the comments of a set of anonymous reviewers at the project approval stage were considered;
- second, advice was requested from Communications Experts from IMA Ltd, with particular reference to the development and design of policy briefs;
- third, the advice and recommendations of the FMSP project leaders (clusters 2 and 7) was requested
- The findings of the three steps (above) were synthesized and used to produce a finalised project CS.


Developing the Communications Plan

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