Designing the MIRRI information system

Designing the Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI) information system


Culture collections (CCs) manage fundamental data about preserved microorganisms. However, information currently accessible in their databases rarely adheres to common standards. The current status sees distinct on-line catalogues with limited and heterogeneous content, data models and formats, different user interfaces, very little inter-connections and only a few links to external databases. To enable the exploitation of these resources requires standardized, and simplified, access to the associated information. To this end, a European Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure, MIRRI, was established.


Romano, P.D., Smith, D., Bunk, B., Vasilenko, A., Glöckner, F.O. (2017) Designing the MIRRI information system. PeerJ Preprints 5:e2815v1, 3 pp.

Designing the MIRRI information system

Published 1 February 2017