Design review of the pounder rig


This document is a review of the design of the Pounder Rig, and a discussion of pertinent aspects of its use and management, following the completion of the trials. It forms the basis for the move from prototype to production model. The main proposed modifications to the prototype are: - the replacement of the existing superstructure with a welded frame to ease setting up, ensure hole verticality, and direct return fluid flows - the replacement of existing drillpipe (\"AQ\" wireline) with a larger diameter carbon steel pipe (\"BQ\" wireline) - the acquisition of drill bits with properly hardened steel bodies - the introduction of the option of simultaneous casing - the option of in-line valves to facilitate cuttings removal and enable in-situ test pumping The transport options are considered in some detail, and the logic, and costings, of using a pickup are set out. The likely business profile of a Pounder Contractor, who is likely to need start-up capital of around USh10-20 million, is presented. Issues of standardization through the Uganda National Bureau of Standards are discussed.


Cranfield University, UK, 23 pp., ISBN 1861940 564

Design review of the pounder rig

Published 1 January 1999