Density Dependence of Fish Natural Mortality Rates.


This sub-project investigated the density dependence of natural mortality rates in dry season waterbodies, with restrictions on fishing activities. The results were used to (1) develop a mortality sub-model for assessing the impact of flood regimes on fish production rates, and (2) determine the potential dry season survival rates of fish in waterbodies set aside as reserves. The survival rates of populations of Puntius sophore were studied in discrete natural dry season water bodies, located inside and outside the scheme at the Bangladeshi project site, for the four month dry season period December 1995-March 1996.


Fisheries Dynamics of Modified Floodplains in Southern Asia,Sub-Project 2, Fisheries Management Science Programme, London, UK, 4 pp.

Density Dependence of Fish Natural Mortality Rates.

Published 1 January 1997