Democratizing urban policy in Brazil: participation and the right to the city.


This chapter discusses the emergence and achievements of a civil society movement in Brazil, the Movimento Nacional para Reforma Urbana (MNRU, National Movement for Urban Reform). This movement emerged during the National Constituent Assembly and is still active in Brazil under its newer designation of Fórum Nacional para Reforma Urbana (FNRU, National Forum for Urban Reform). It is one of the few cases in democratic Brazil of a national civil society movement. The MNRU was active in the constitution-making process, and later the FNRU secured the approval of the required infra-constitutional legislation on urban reform.

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Avritzer, L. Democratizing urban policy in Brazil:participation and the right to the city. In: Citizen Action and National Policy Reform: Making Change Happen. J. Gaventa and R. McGee (Eds.). (2010) ISBN 9781848133853 (Hardback)

Published 1 January 2010