Demand-side barriers to girl's secondary education in Madhya Pradesh, India


The initial objective of this study was to determine the most significant demand-side barriers to girls’ secondary school enrolment in Madhya Pradesh (MP), India among three minority populations – Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), and Muslims. Based on this information, an effort would be made to determine the amount of subsidy needed to incentivize girls’ enrolment in secondary school. The high dropout rate at the secondary level for girls in disadvantaged communities was the main motivator behind commissioning the study. The foundational hypothesis was that an optimal cash transfer program to households would increase girls’ enrolment.

The study relied on qualitative data collection from (in-depth interviews and focus group discussions) as well as household surveys in these communities. The qualitative data transcripts were coded and the data were analyzed to identify any emerging themes. The quantitative data collection tools were constructed in alignment with the indicators that were rooted in the study’s main objective questions.

Section I of the report contains the background information for this study and displays the foundational documentation on the study’s objectives, methodology, as well as background data on the study’s population, and cash scholarship programs.

Section II displays the findings of the report. The qualitative and quantitative findings are presented under headings that correspond to the main objectives of the study. Under each heading, the relevant qualitative and quantitative data collected during the field work are grouped and analyzed. Following each header in the section, the reader can expect to find a narrative description of the data as well as an analysis of the results and what they mean as well as what implications they might have on current or future studies and programming.

Section III contains the conclusions, or top-level findings, where the reader can find the main results of the study. This section also contains FHI 360’s recommendations.


Anon. Demand-side barriers to girl’s secondary education in Madhya Pradesh, India. (2013) 82 pp.

Demand-side barriers to girl’s secondary education in Madhya Pradesh, India

Published 1 January 2013