D2.3. Review of National Programmes on Water Science and Technology for the Developing World (Synthesis Report).


This is a synthesis and analysis of the data generated by the survey of programmes relating to water research for developing countries, which are funded or co-funded by the national governments of the SPLASH partners. This collated information aims to support coordination and avoid duplication of research efforts between the countries concerned and to help identify opportunities for future collaboration.

The intended target groups for this report include SPLASH partner programme managers, those implementing or having an interest in water and sanitation programmes in developing countries, and European programme managers tasked with future research programming and partnering. This updated report is based on data from 47 questionnaires completed by the 11 member countries between the summer of 2007 and spring of 2008. It follows a similar structure to the survey questionnaire, with the main sections being: analysis of the thematic research areas; research by geographic area; capacity development within programmes; funding issues; programme development; dissemination activities; the potential for joint activities and transnational cooperation; and conclusions.

Also attached to this output record is a copy of the questionnaire developed to gather information about existing thematically related programmes on \"water, science and technology for the developing world\" of the SPLASH Consortium partner countries, including the funding mechanisms and instruments used in their administration and management at national level.


79 pp.

Published 1 January 2008