CPWF Learning Systems Efficiency: Survey Results


The Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF) ended in December 2013 and officially closed end of April 2014. As part of its legacy the CPWF continues to document its approach to research for development (R4D), including what lessons and recommendations can be gleaned. The program sought to assess CPWF experiences and contribute to the emerging understanding of learning based approaches to R4D including how comprehensive learning systems can be constructed around R4D projects.

While a critical account of the program’s experience of developing a learning system is needed, this survey is only the first step in that process. The ‘learning systems’ assessed here includes all M&E arrangements, reflexive space and activities, knowledge management, research on innovations, and policy engagement activities. The list of learning systems included in the survey is not exhaustive but includes the major aspects associated with the approach.

This report sets out the methodology and structure of the survey followed by the results with some light interpretation and conclusions.


Schuetz, T.; Sullivan, A. CPWF Learning Systems Efficiency: Survey Results. CPWF, Colombo, Sri Lanka (2014) 21 pp.

CPWF Learning Systems Efficiency: Survey Results

Published 1 January 2014