Courting Conflict? Justice, Peace and the ICC in Africa.


This collection of 8 papers stems from a meeting series held in London in March 2007. It investigates the politics of the International Criminal Court's (ICC) interventions in Africa. Rather than exploring the progress of the ICC per se, the essays address Africa's encounters with the Court and the Court's encounters with Africa. The authors avoid treating African countries simply as a geographical arena for a new international justice body. They also resist discussing the ICC in legal terms only. Instead, the essays situate debates about the Court in specific social, cultural and political contexts where contending local, national and international pressures apply. The contributors address the ICC's relationships with the governments, non-state groups, national judiciaries and local populations of the countries where it is active.


Royal African Society; London, UK, ISBN 978-0-9558622-0-5, 84 pp.

Courting Conflict? Justice, Peace and the ICC in Africa.

Published 1 January 2008