Country Study Report - Philippines.


The Philippines study was conducted in Manila and Marikina, two cities in Metro Manila. The research samples in both cities belong to the urban poor sectors of the two cities. Six districts were represented in Manila while two districts were involved in Marikina through the selected purposive sampling technique. A sample size of 1000 inclusive of households and 100 enterprises was used. The respondents constituted the father, the mother, or one of the matured children of the household, the basic unit.

The study validated that clean and affordable energy services are important for good physical well-being and productivity of household members. Also, the study showed that social networks and relationships do not necessarily facilitate access to clean energy services.

Access to clean and affordable energy services among the urban poor in the cities of Manila and Marikina have allowed those who are engaged in economic enterprises to sustain their businesses and also encouraged establishments of new ones.

The research finding led to the notion that urban population is continuously increasing while economic strength of families is decreasing due to energy crisis. A surge in the increase of oil prices and oil products seemed to dictate the considerable increases in the price and consumption for electric and water as well as other basic commodities. The current condition is foreseen to lead to an increasing number of urban poor whose quality of life will depend on many factors including availability of cheap and efficient energy services. This bleak picture of rapidly deteriorating socioeconomic conditions of the poor urban livelihoods necessitates a concerted effort among government, non-government organizations and the private sector to develop and implement energy related measures and alternatives to sustain acceptable socio-economic programs for this specific group of people. This condition will contribute to the achievement of the country targets of the Mid-Term Philippine Development Plan and MDG towards poverty reduction.


Approtech Asia. Country Study Report - Philippines. (2005) 83 pp.

Country Study Report - Philippines.

Published 1 January 2005