Country response: Uganda.


This book is unique in attempting to describe and assess a range of responses across the globe by situating them within the characteristics of each country and its health system. Most chapters combine a health policy expert with an HIV specialist, allowing both a 'top down' health system approach and a 'bottom up' HIV-specific perspective. There are thematic and analytical sections, which provide an overview and some suggestions for solutions to the most serious outstanding issues, and chapters which analyse specific country and organisational responses. There is no perfect health system, but the evidence provided here allows the sharing of knowledge, and a opportunity to assess the impact and reactions, to an epidemic that must be considered a long term issue.


In: Beck, E.J.; Mays, N.; Whiteside, A.; Zuniga, J.; Piot, P. (eds), The HIV Pandemic: Local and global implications, Oxford, UK., Oxford University Press, chp 17, ISBN: 978-0-19-852843-2

Country response: Uganda.

Published 1 January 2006