Country note: South Africa


This chapter (one of 25 each on a different country) sets out information on policy and research on parental and similar leave from employment in South Africa. The first section describes current leave and other employment-related policies to support parents (maternity leave and other employment related measures, e.g. time off for the care of dependants and flexible working entitlements; there is no specific provision for paternity, parental, or childcare leave). The second section notes that there have been no recent changes in leave policy. The third notes that there is no information on the take-up of this type of leave. The fourth provides information on selected recent publications and an ongoing research study. Some basic demographic, economic, employment and gender information is also provided, although in most categories there is no data available.


In: Moss, P. and Korintus, M. (Eds.), International Review of Leave Policies and Related Research 2008 (Employment relations research series no. 100); Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, London, UK, 2008; pp. 308-315.

Country note: South Africa

Published 1 January 2008