Cotton Value Chain: Skill Gap Analysis in Garments Sub-sector.


This report is part of a larger study on the cotton value chain (CVC) in Pakistan. The overall goal of the study was to investigate the potential for enhancement in the knowledge and skills of the key stakeholders of the CVC so as to develop a skill building strategy for different stakeholders of CVC aiming at improvement along the CVC. This report looks at the garments sub-sector of the CVC.

Findings of the study are presented in 13 sections of this report. Section 1 introduces the textile sector and the problem statement. Section 2 outlines the objectives of the study. Section 3 gives methodological considerations. Section 4 explores potential of value addition in the textile industry. Section 5 discusses the business environment in Pakistan. Section 6, 7, 8 and 9 presents findings of the study relating to production management, marketing management, organizational management, and training and development systems of the garments sector. Section 10 discusses relationship of knowledge gaps in the garments sector with employment, poverty, livelihood and gender development dynamics. Section 11 identifies trends in the garments sector and Section 12 proposes policy recommendations for improvement in the garments sector. The last section contains relevant references.


CABI South Asia, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. 60 pp.

Cotton Value Chain: Skill Gap Analysis in Garments Sub-sector.

Published 1 January 2008