Cost sharing for primary health care: Lessons from Yemen.


The dilemma of how to meet the primary health needs of the population, especially poor people, with diminishing government resources, is a major issue for government, policy makers and donors in Yemen. This study seeks to demonstrate the impact of cost sharing on the population of Yemen, and specifically on poor and vulnerable people. The authors show that health care is increasingly unaffordable for most people, particularly in rural areas. They aim to alert decision makers to features of cost-sharing policies that are likely to hamper equitable access to services, and prevent quality improvements and sustainability. The study highlights the essential elements of an equitable health-financing policy in Yemen; affordable and locally available drugs and services; rational drug use; improved staff training; and continuous support and supervision by the implementing agency.


Oxfam Working Papers series, Oxford: Oxfam, 84 pp.

Cost sharing for primary health care: Lessons from Yemen.

Published 1 January 2002