Cost of Adapting Fisheries to Climate Change


This study has two objectives. The first is to help decision makers, especially in developing countries, to better understand and assess the risks posed by climate change, and to better design strategies to adapt their fishing sectors to climate change. The second objective is to develop global estimates of adaptation costs in the fisheries sector of countries to inform the international community’s efforts, including UNFCCC and the Bali Action Plan, to provide access to adequate, predictable, and sustainable support, and to provide new and additional resources to help the most vulnerable developing countries meet adaptation costs.

This report focuses on marine capture fisheries, not inland or aquaculture. However, the results from the study can provide insights about the potential cost of adapting inland fisheries and aquaculture to climate change.


Ussif Rashid Sumaila; Cheung, W.W.L. Cost of Adapting Fisheries to Climate Change. (2010) 37 pp.

Cost of Adapting Fisheries to Climate Change

Published 1 January 2010