Corruption, Religion and Moral Development


This paper reviews a number of studies, few of which deal specifically with corruption, in order to establish useful ways forward for corruption researchers. Unlike the majority of the studies to date on corruption and religion, which tend to be largely economics-based and use international datasets, this literature is largely sociological and psychological. Although studies generally focus on the individual level of analysis, some do use global survey data, such as the World Values Surveys. Many of the studies are empirical in nature, although some are rooted within the theoretical literature, and most are quantitative, rather than qualitative (i.e. structured survey-based rather than semistructured interview-based).


Working Paper No. 42, Religions and Development Research Programme, University of Birmingham, UK, 38 pp. ISBN: 0 7044 2781 8

Corruption, Religion and Moral Development

Published 1 January 2010