Corruption and Human Rights: Making the Connection


The aim of this report is to show how links between acts of corruption and violations of rights can be described accurately; and second, to distinguish cases where acts of corruption do imply violations of rights from cases where they do not.

The report begins by discussing the definition of corruption, because the term is often applied loosely, and different definitions and classifications have been used by different organisations in various contexts. The report then elaborates upon the different acts of corruption as they have been defined by the UNCAC. Then, it examines where the human rights framework could add value to the anti-corruption work. Special attention is given to the impact of corruption on the human rights of groups exposed to particular risks, including women and children.

Subsequently, the report examines more closely the ways in which corrupt practices may violate specific human rights and the protection of human rights of anti-corruption advocates. Finally, it explores the possibilities of collaboration between human rights and anti-corruption organisations, and where such collaboration will create opportunities and obstacles. It provides some recommendations


Corruption and Human Rights: Making the Connection, 2009.International Council on Human Rights Policy. Versoix, Switzerland. ISBN 2-940259-85-2, 119 pp.

Corruption and Human Rights: Making the Connection

Published 1 January 2009