Control of Foreign Fisheries Workshop Report, White Sands Hotel, Dar es Salaam, 14-15 November 2005.


This report provides an overview of a regional workshop on the Control of Foreign Fisheries (CFF), held at the White Sands Hotel, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania between Monday 14th November and Tuesday 15th November 2005.
The main aim of the workshop was to increase regional awareness of economic models to maximise the benefits through the CFF. In addition, the workshop was developed to increase national capacity to highlight a range of CFF strategies. The workshop undertook the following activities:
(i) Provide an overview of the model (ii) Share and discuss national and regional perspectives on MCS (iii) Practical sessions using CFF spreadsheet model game to develop hypothetical MCS strategies (iv) Field visit to MCS Operations centre, Mbegani
A copy of the workshop agenda is provided in Appendix A and a contact list of participants in Appendix B.
Although the main focus of the workshop was based around practical exercises from the CFF model, participants from several coastal states presented a short summary of their fisheries sector, including the role and status of foreign fishing activities. In addition to these national perspectives, an overview of the SADC MCS Programme was given, highlighting the main MCS issues within Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Tanzania. These are described in more detail in section 2. Copies of the available presentations are given in Appendices C to E.
An introduction to the CFF model was given by means of two short practical sessions (see Appendices F to I). The theoretical basis and assumptions behind the model were described by a series of slides (see Appendices J and K).
A field visit was made on Tuesday 15th November to the Tanzanian MCS Operations Centre at Mbegani. This provided an opportunity for participants to observe first-hand the scale and success of the surveillance operations and to ask questions to those on duty. A short photo gallery of this trip is presented in Appendix L.
A questionnaire was given to participants of the workshop in order to obtain feedback on the workshop itself; change in awareness, knowledge and perceptions related to CFF; the CFF model; and potential uptake and future use of the CFF model. The results of this questionnaire are summarised in a separate document.


MRAG (2005). Control of Foreign Fisheries: Workshop Report. Report of a regional workshop heldbetween 14th - 15th November 2005, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Fisheries ManagementScience Programme, UK Department for International Development, London. pp.76

Published 1 January 2005