Container composting in peri-urban Kumasi.


Using compost containers allows the safe and hygienic composting of domestic organic waste to take place in urban and peri-urban backyards. In addition to producing natural fertilizer for urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA), backyard composting reduces the amount of domestic organic waste destined for open refuse dumps or municipal landfill sites, thus contributing to a cleaner environment and, where waste collection services are provided, a reduction in collection and transport costs (GFA-Umwelt, 1999). Compost containers can be made from recycled materials such as tyres, blocks, bricks, wood, plastic barrels or 250litre drums; thereby making the technology accessible for low income groups. When the technology is implemented appropriately, it can not only improve environmental sanitation but also enhance local livelihoods.


Bradford, A.; McGregor, D.; Simon, D. Container composting in peri-urban Kumasi. Urban Agriculture Magazine (2003) (10) 30-31.

Container composting in peri-urban Kumasi.

Published 1 January 2003