Conclusions and recommendations


This article concludes the report of which it is the last chapter. Four types of intervenion in schools, health services and mass media are recommended for widespread implementation as there is good evidence of their effectiveness, three are recommended for widespread implementation accompanied by further evaluation, and for 14 there was insufficient evidence (in 4 of these there was some evidence of lack of effectiveness). The limitations of the exercise are discussed, and the key recommendations for policy-makers, programme development and delivery staff and researchers are summarized.


In: Ross, D. A.; Dick, B.; Ferguson, J. (eds.) Preventing HIV/AIDS in young people: a systematic review of the evidence from developing countries. World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland (2006). ISBN 978-92-4-120938-0; pp. 317-341. (WHO Technical Report Series no. 938)

Conclusions and recommendations

Published 1 January 2006