Community initiated cost sharing road programme in Zambia.


50% of the population of Zambia live in rural areas. In order to address poverty, backlog of road maintenance, limited budget for maintenance and

encourage ownership of roads by community, it was decided to come up with a programme called \"Community Initiated Cost Sharing\". Community would contribute 50% either in cash or kind and National Roads Board would contribute another 50% in cash.

Community had to select a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. These were the people who organised the community, provided a link with Road Agencies; who oversee the programmes and National Roads Board. Once a Committee is in place, they would then apply for funds and once their request has been approved, they are requested to open a Bank Account in the name of the community.

In 2001, there were 24 projects running at a cost of US $451,887.40, 200 km done and 1,500 people were employed.


9th Regional Conference, Maputo, Mozambique, 19-24 May 2002. pp. 22

Community initiated cost sharing road programme in Zambia.

Published 1 January 2002