Commercialisation of Smallholder Agriculture in Selected Tef-growing Areas of Ethiopia.


The empirical research reported in this paper focuses on farming households who are established growers of highly marketable crops, in areas already well-linked to markets. Two commodities were selected for the study: coffee and tef. Both are important to the national economy, and both are grown and marketed by millions of smallholders. This paper reports the findings from tef-producing areas. The paper is structured as follows. Section 2 outlines the methodology and objectives of the study. Section 3 discusses the survey analysis, focusing on household-level commercialisation within the selected study areas. Section 4 concludes with a summary of the key findings and a discussion of their potential policy implications.


30 pp.[Also published as FAC Discussion Paper No. 6, March 2008, 20 pp.]

Published 1 January 2008