CLP’s Experience in Forging Partnerships

CLP is the Chars Livelihoods Programme, Bangladesh


Over the years it operated, CLP learnt a number of very important lessons. These lessons are now documented in a series of Lessons Learnt briefs which are intended to share CLP’s experience with donors and practitioners, both in Bangladesh and further afield. This particular brief focuses on developing partnerships. The Partnerships Division of CLP was focused on identifying and working with a variety of stakeholders to produce linkages and/or provide additional resources to the chars. These resources ranged from improved goods and works to services and were aimed at assisting char-dwellers to continue their journey out of poverty.


Pritchard, M. CLP’s Experience in Forging Partnerships. Chars Livelihoods Programme (CLP), Bangladesh (2016) 6 pp.

CLP’s Experience in Forging Partnerships

Published 1 January 2016