Climate smart disaster risk management in brief


This briefing note is a shorter version of the full publication and it is an output of the ‘Strengthening Climate Resilience (SCR)’ consortium, funded by the UK Department for International Development and led by IDS, Christian Aid, and Plan International. The briefing note points out that a Climate Smart Disaster Risk Management (CSDRM) approach presents considerable opportunities for governments and civil society. It is a legitimate first step in adapting to climate change and climate variability; it will help ensure DRM investments are durable and value-for-money and offers practical guidance at both national and local scales to deal with new and evolving threats. It also states that existing rich capacity and expertise on DRM provides an excellent foundation for effective CSDRM and climate-smart development strategies. CSDRM builds on this foundation by offering: a conceptual guide to increased coherence and complementarity with climate change adaptation goals; a call to refocus DRM efforts on tackling poverty and other root causes of vulnerability; evidence of the benefits of promoting the longer-term adaptive capacity of people and organisations to shape their own sustainable solutions to changing risks; and lessons on the importance of forming innovative partnerships in order to better equip ourselves to manage uncertainty and unexpected events.


Mitchell, T.; Ibrahim, M. Climate smart disaster risk management in brief. (2010) : 6 pp.

Climate smart disaster risk management in brief

Published 1 January 2010