Climate Change Adaptation Policy in Ghana: Priorities for the Agriculture Sector


This report is intended to complement the 2011 CCAFS publication “State of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Efforts for Agriculture in Ghana” (Domozoro 2011). It provides relevant updates regarding the policies, projects, or initiatives introduced therein, and an assessment of the evolving political scenario. Specifically, this document presents an objective look at 17 key policy documents within three thematic areas: (1) governance, (2) agriculture, and (3) climate change institutions in Ghana. Several key projects are also included in this analysis given their relevance and status within Ghana’s agricultural adaptation regime. A discussion of the institutional arrangements in each of the thematic areas is provided first, along with a short description of each of the 17 policies and projects. Then, in the following analysis section, objectives and priorities for each of the policies are outlined, together with their evolution over time, intending to identify the temporal shifts in agricultural climate change policy direction in the country. Policy interplay between and within these thematic areas is also addressed. Power and influence dynamics between actors in Ghana’s climate change adaptation regime are discussed in the following section and the results of a Multilevel Stakeholder Influence Mapping (MSIM) exercise are provided. Finally, a discussion of key challenges and recommendations are provided, as identified through semi-structured interviews with actors across the country’s adaptation regime.


Sova, C.; Chaudhury, A.; Nelson, W.; Nutsukpo, D.F.; Zougmoré, R. Climate Change Adaptation Policy in Ghana: Priorities for the Agriculture Sector. CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), Copenhagen, Denmark (2014) XV + 84 pp.

Published 1 January 2014