Civil Society and Transitions in the Western Balkans


This book examines the ambiguous role played by civil society in state-building, democratisation and post-conflict reconstruction in the Western Balkans. In doing so, it challenges the received wisdom that civil society is always a force for good. Civil society actors have helped create the conditions for new, more constructive relations inside and between former Yugoslav countries. But, their agency has also rekindled nationalism hindering efforts to rebuild the region after the conflicts of the 1990s. The book demonstrates that diverse civil society effects cannot be captured without querying both the nature of civil society and the complexity of the ongoing transformation. So how can the emancipatory role of civil society be harnessed? This rigorous case study-driven reappraisal of the ability of civil society to support progressive transformation from an illiberal regime to democracy and from conflict to peace will be a valuable resource to scholars and practitioners alike.


Bojicic-Dzelilovic, V.; Ker-Lindsay, J.; Kostovicova, D. (Editors) Civil Society and Transitions in the Western Balkans. Palgrave Macmillan, (2013) ISBN 9780230292895

Civil Society and Transitions in the Western Balkans

Published 1 January 2013