Chronic poverty and social protection. Special CPRC journal issue.


Articles included in this special issue are as follows:

Chronic Poverty and Social Protection: Introduction. Armando Barrientos and David Hulme.
Can Social Protection Tackle Chronic Poverty? Armando Barrientos, David Hulme, Andrew Shepherd.
Consumption Insurance and Vulnerability to Poverty: A Synthesis of the Evidence from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Mali, Mexico and Russia. Emmanuel Skoufias and Agnes R. Quisumbing.
Risk Attitudes and the 'Vicious Circle of Poverty'. Paul Mosley and Arjan Verschoor.
The Informational Basis of Poverty Measurement: Using the Capability Approach to Improve the CAS Proxy Tool. Claudio Santibáñez.
A Social Safety Net for the Chronically Poor? Zimbabwe's Public Assistance Programme in the 1990s. Lauchlan T. Munro.
The Prevention of Debt Bondage with Microfinance-led Services. Patrick Daru, Craig Churchill, Erik Beemsterboer.
Assessing the Impact of Indonesian Social Safety Net Programmes on Household Welfare and Poverty Dynamics. Sudarno Sumarto, Asep Suryahadi, Wenefrida Widyanti.


Barrientos, A.; Hulme, D. Chronic poverty and social protection. Special CPRC journal issue. European Journal of Development Research (2005) 17 (1)

Published 1 January 2005