Chronic poverty and development policy. Special CPRC journal issue.


Articles included in this special issue are as follows:

Chronic Poverty and Development Policy: An Introduction. David Hulme.
Conceptualizing Chronic Poverty. David Hulme and Andrew Shepherd.
Assessing the Extent and Nature of Chronic Poverty in Low Income Countries: Issues and Evidence. Andrew Mckay and David Lawson.
Do Monetary and Nonmonetary Indicators Tell the Same Story About Chronic Poverty? A Study of Vietnam in the 1990s Bob Baulch and Edoardo Masset.
Staying Secure, Staying Poor: The \"Faustian Bargain\".Geof Wood.
Chronic Poverty in South Africa: Incidence, Causes and Policies. Michael Aliber.
Chronic Poverty in India: Incidence, Causes and Policies. Aasha Kapur Mehta and Amita Shah.
Drivers of Escape and Descent: Changing Household Fortunes in Rural Bangladesh. Binayak Sen.
Enduring Poverty and the Conditions of Childhood: Lifecourse and Intergenerational Poverty Transmissions. Caroline Harper, Rachel Marcus and Karen Moore.
Old Age Poverty in Developing Countries: Contributions and Dependence in Later Life. Armando Barrientos, Mark Gorman and Amanda Heslop.
Including Disabled People in Poverty Reduction Work: \"Nothing About Us, Without Us\". Rebecca Yeo and Karen Moore.
Livelihoods and Chronic Poverty in Semi-Arid Zimbabwe. Kate Bird and Andrew Shepherd.
Vulnerability and Chronic Poverty in Rural Sichuan. Neil McCulloch and Michele Calandrino.
Enduring Disorder and Persistent Poverty: A Review of the Linkages Between War and Chronic Poverty. Jonathan Goodhand.
Programs for the Poorest: Learning from the IGVGD Program in Bangladesh. Imran Matin and David Hulme.


Hulme, D.; Shepherd, A. Chronic poverty and development policy. Special CPRC journal issue. World Development (2003) 31 (3)

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