Choosing an effluent treatment plant.


This booklet has been put together to give a brief and straightforward introduction to effluent treatment plants (ETPs) for the textile industry. It provides some informtion on the effluent quality standards set by the Government of Bangladesh and briefly describes what they mean. It also outlines the basic components of ETPs and how they can be combined effectively to produce effluent that meets the national environmental quality standards. It is not a comprehensive manual but one in a series of booklets that cover various aspects of the dyeing industry including efficiency, cost reduction, pollution mitigation, effluent treatment, environmental legislation, health and safety, and corporate responsibility.


Akhtaruzzaman, M.; Clemett, A.; Knapp, J.; Mahmood, M.A.; Ahmed, S. Choosing an effluent treatment plant. (2004) 34 pp. ISBN 984-8121-07-2

Choosing an effluent treatment plant.

Published 1 January 2004