China and International Development: Challenges and opportunities


In parallel to its domestic economic boom, China has also been growing as an international actor and as a ‘Rising Power’ in global development. This IDS Bulletin focuses on China’s development strategy and its own development experience, its increasing involvement in development activities in low- and middle-income countries, as well as its collaboration with OECD-DAC members in international development, and its growing engagement in global governance structures. Articles contribute valuable expertise and insight from both Chinese and non-Chinese perspectives, to map the shifting landscape of China’s engagement in global development, and contribute to mutual understanding between traditional donors and rising powers in development cooperation. The aim of this issue is to contribute to dialogue between decision-makers, policy analysts and researchers in China, the UK and other countries, about strategies for supporting development. This collection of articles illustrates the degree to which China’s engagement in global development is a work in progress. They reveal the complex landscape of China’s multi-level government and multi-sector engagements in international development, and their uncertain impacts. They show how a wide variety of actors in China, low-income countries, the other rising powers, the traditional donor countries, and multilateral agencies are still learning new ways of doing business in response. These actors need access to systematic information on this rapidly changing situation. The generation of knowledge for building mutual understanding will need to be done by researchers from the different countries involved. This will require new kinds of international research partnerships: the aim of this IDS Bulletin is to stimulate their creation.


Jing Gu; Xiaoyun Li; Bloom, G.; Xiulan Zhang (Editors) China and International Development: Challenges and opportunities. IDS Bulletin (2014) 45 (4) ix–ix, 1–124 pp.

Published 1 January 2014